About Us

Georgia Appleseed advances justice and equity for all Georgia’s children, with a particular focus on Black and Brown children, children experiencing poverty, LGBTQ+ children, children with disabilities, and children in foster care. Justice requires that every child has access to strong, nurturing schools and a healthy home.

Our mission is to increase justice in Georgia through law and policy reform and community engagement.

Our values include nonpartisan engagement, collaborations to achieve justice, listening to those who are most impacted, balanced and objective research, data-driven, pragmatic solutions, courage to tackle the hard issues, and the power of pro bono.

Focus Areas

Our 3 current priorities are to:

  • Keep kids in school and out of the criminal justice system
  • Promote supports for students with behavior and learning challenges
  • Ensure children and their families have safe and healthy housing

Our Strategies

Get children the support they need

  • Expand school-based behavioral health to get children help where they need it
  • Integrate restorative practices and trauma-informed instruction into school discipline and the juvenile justice system
  • Bring schools, police, and courts together to implement shared strategies that keep children out of juvenile court
  • Acknowledge and eliminate barriers created and reinforced by racism and systemic bias

Ensure safe and equitably funded schools

  • Improve school climate and reduce the use of disciplinary actions, such as out of-school suspension and expulsion, that remove children from school
  • Increase supports and protections for children in foster care, including access to legal representation for those facing removal from school
  • Expand funding for evidence-based diversion programs and other supports for justice-involved children and youth
  • Increase school resources to close achievement gaps between children in high-resourced communities and those in low-resourced communities

Promote healthy homes

  • Improve low-income families’ access to healthy homes through various levels of advocacy
  • Organize efforts to support positive policy changes to local court procedures and housing code enforcement

How We Work

At the heart of our work is a drive to bring people together to listen and learn from each other, so that we can move toward just, systemic solutions that make a better future for the children of our state.

Our tactics include research projects that leverage thousands of pro bono attorney hours to tackle complex issues, the development of self-advocacy tools for parents and caregivers, supporting local and state leaders' efforts to adopt meaningful policy changes, legislative advocacy, bipartisan coalition building, and sometimes just a conversation, where we have the opportunity to listen to a child’s experience firsthand.

Diversity and Inclusion

Georgia Appleseed is committed to diversity, inclusion, and racial justice. Read more: