Parents / Caregivers

Effective Student Discipline

Additional resources for keeping kids in class, learning, with the supports they need and out of the juvenile justice system

School Climate and PBIS

Education climate (or school climate) is how the school experience “feels” related to safety, teaching and learning, interpersonal relationships, and the physical building. A positive school environment also has been shown to increase teacher retention, lower dropout rates, decrease incidences of violence, reduce the need for out-of-school suspensions, and increase student achievement.

Timely Tribunals and Instructional Materials

Georgia Appleseed supports Senate Bill 169, a bipartisan bill that passed unanimously in Georgia’s Senate and is now with the House. The bill seeks to ensure timely tribunals for students facing disciplinary action, as well as the provision of instructional materials while awaiting a hearing.

CPS: Sample MOU

Sample partnership agreement for schools and CPS programs

School Justice Partnerships

Local collaborative efforts of juvenile courts, schools and community partners to support positive school climate and minimize juvenile court referrals

Georgia Education Climate Coalition

Georgia Appleseed-led coalition of education, community and legal organizations who support positive school climate reform and policies at the state and local levels.