Kids in Class: Innovations and Best Practices

Tools and collaborative frameworks to provide students with the supports they need to stay and succeed in school.

It “takes a village” to raise a child and it takes a community to support the efforts of each public school to be a place where kids can thrive. The tools and collaborative frameworks below can help provide students with the supports they need to succeed.

School Based Behavioral Health – Our Establishing a School Based Behavioral Health Program [link] guides schools and communities through the steps needed to provide behavioral and mental health services in the school—getting children the services they need where they are and when they need them.  

School Justice Partnerships (SJPs) are collaborative efforts between schools, juvenile justice systems, and community stakeholders to prevent students from becoming involved in the criminal justice system by reducing exclusionary discipline and promoting restorative practices. By working together, SJPs can identify and address the root causes of problematic behavior, provide students with support to succeed in school, and help prevent them from entering the criminal justice system.

Social Innovation Labs – Georgia Appleseed’s best practices for social innovation labs can help you successfully establish effective local collaborations to improve school climate and reform school discipline. (We developed our best practices to tackle homelessness in an Atlanta metro county.)