Kids in Class: Community Action

Resources that help communities understand the scope of the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ and to achieve better outcomes for students and their families.

  1. School Justice Partnerships – School Justice Partnerships (SJPs) are made up of community stakeholders–including school districts, juvenile courts, healthcare providers, and law enforcement–that collaborate to keep kids in schools and out of the criminal justice system.
  2. School Attendance and School Climate Committees – Georgia law now requires that every county’s Superior Court create a committee to improve school climate, student attendance, and school safety. Georgia Appleseed’s resource page provides information about these committees and provides tools to help the committees comply with this new requirement. The Georgia Department of Education provides additional resources.
  3. Social Innovation Labs – Georgia Appleseed’s best practices for social innovation labs can help you successfully establish effective local collaborations to improve school climate and reform school discipline. (We developed our best practices to tackle homelessness in an Atlanta metro county.)
  4. Community Action Plans – Community Toolbox provides step-by-step guidance on creating a community action plan.