School Justice Summary

Every child deserves a safe, nurturing school environment. With this one-page summary of our School Justice initiative, learn what Georgia Appleseed is doing to ensure that.

Research tells us that keeping kids in school is the best way to keep them out of the juvenile justice system, and ultimately prison. School discipline problems often stem from underlying traumas, disabilities, or other challenges.

Georgia Appleseed partners with families, schools, and government agencies to support schools and reform systems that currently set kids up to fail because of inequities and injustice. We develop resources and critical behavioral supports for schools, teachers, and most importantly, the kids.

Each year, we reach close to 240,000 children in more than 2,000 schools. Our Georgia Education Climate Coalition of state agency leaders, experts, and other stakeholders develops policies that support teachers and students, and reduce school suspensions by tens of thousands each year.

By helping Georgia’s kids who need the most support, we create better learning environments for everyone.