Georgia Education Climate Coalition

Georgia Appleseed led coalition of education, community and legal organizations who support positive school climate reform and policies at the state and local levels.

A variety of agencies, advocacy groups, educators, centers, schools, and districts are working to improve school climate in Georgia. This coalition is known as the Georgia Education Climate Coalition (GECC). GECC is a voluntary, unincorporated public-private coalition that works to: 

  1. Assure a broad public awareness of the vital importance of productive, positive learning environments for children and youth from birth through post-secondary and out of school settings, 
  2. Promote expanded use of evidence-based strategies and promising practices, including PBIS, in pre-school-12 schools and similar frameworks in other learning environments, and 
  3. Support efforts to assure that all children have access to needed interventions and supports identified through implementation of evidence-based strategies and promising practices.

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