The FAIR Project

The FAIR Project for Children in Foster Care

Children in foster care face unique barriers to school success. Georgia Appleseed is transforming Georgia’s foster care system to support these youth and children through FAIR project (Fairness, Advocacy and Individualized Representation for Children in Foster Care). In partnership with Georgia Legal Services, the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, and other organizations, this holistic approach:

  • Advocates for legal and policy innovations to the foster care system,
  • Grows the community of advocates for children in care, and
  • Provides direct legal representation for children in care facing suspension or expulsion from school

Together, we can break the intergenerational cycles of poverty and criminal justice involvement that often entraps children in foster care and their families. The FAIR Project builds on our past work in educational stability for children in care. Read the report.

Georgia Appleseed's policy memo and recommendations on enrollment services for children in care is an example of our efforts to support these children. A 2020 Georgia law, § 20-2-152.2, requires that schools provide children in foster care needed supports. This video offers guidance for school districts to comply with and implement this law. We've worked with dozens of experts, agencies, and community members to lead advocacy efforts to help these children succeed.

We offer the following guides to those advocating for children in foster care who are facing disciplinary action in school:

If you are seeking a volunteer attorney to represent a child in foster care who is facing a school disciplinary hearing, please visit our School Tribunal Representation page.