Yield Giving Grant of $1 Million

A Milestone for Georgia Appleseed and Justice.

In a resounding endorsement of its dedication to justice for Georgia’s children, the Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice has been awarded a transformative $1 million grant by MacKenzie Scott’s philanthropic initiative, Yield Giving. This significant investment through the Yield Giving Open Call initiative is a testament to Georgia Appleseed’s unwavering commitment to championing the rights and well-being of Georgia’s most underrepresented children. This milestone achievement for Georgia Appleseed is not just a win for the organization but for the thousands of marginalized and vulnerable children impacted by our work.

A Rigorous Selection for a Worthy Cause

The grant comes as a result of a competitive and rigorous selection process involving thousands of organizations nationwide. With less than 6% of the 6,353 applicants awarded, the selection validated the critical importance of Georgia Appleseed’s mission. This incredible gift will expand Georgia Appleseed’s work to keep children in school, in stable, healthy homes, and out of the criminal justice system.

An Investment in Opportunity and Reform

Michael Waller, the Executive Director of Georgia Appleseed, expressed gratitude for the recognition and support from Yield Giving. “With this generous gift, we will be able to reach even more children, families, and communities to make sure that they have the nurturing schools and safe, stable homes they need. We are profoundly grateful to Mackenzie Scott and Yield Giving for their recognition and support.”

Yield Giving’s Open Call initiative, managed by Lever for Change, aims to spotlight and empower organizations making foundational improvements in well-being. Cecilia Conrad, CEO of Lever for Change, praised the initiative for bringing to light transformative organizations like Georgia Appleseed, which work tirelessly towards systemic improvements but often remain unseen.

As we celebrate this remarkable grant from Yield Giving, we are reminded of the ongoing need for advocacy, support, and systemic change to build a better future for Georgia’s children and beyond.