School Tribunal Representation

Making a Difference for School Tribunal Clients

This Representing Students in School Tribunals in Georgia attorney training manual has been created to provide attorneys who are not experienced education lawyers with an understanding of the laws and procedures involved in a Georgia school tribunal hearing. It provides tools to help pro bono attorneys represent a student throughout the tribunal process.

This manual is presented as a public service to pro bono attorneys and is intended for educational purposes only.

Supplemental tools available for school tribunal clients and attorneys include When My Child is Disciplined at School: A Guide for Families and Help Guides for Children with Behavior and Learning Challenges. These tools cover such topics as a parent’s first response to school discipline, meeting with the school and challenging a school discipline decision, the causes of behavior challenges, and where parents and caregivers can find additional resources and help. These resources and others, available in English and in Spanish through our Resources library.