Georgia Healthy Housing Coalition Strategic Advocacy Plan 2023-2033

Our pragmatic strategy to improve housing conditions for families across our state.


Convened and facilitated by Georgia Appleseed, the 80+ member Georgia Healthy Housing Coalition (“GHHC”) is Georgia’s only statewide coalition dedicated to improving housing stability and living conditions. In 2023, GHHC developed this Strategic Advocacy Plan in conversations with coalition members and housing advocates across the state. GHHC’s Strategic Plan is Georgia’s only plan informed and developed by community organizations (through a lens of racial and economic justice and equity) that seeks to stabilize housing for low-income families and improve unhealthy housing conditions.

Over the next ten years, GHHC will craft and advocate for new laws and policies that ensure every Georgian has access to a safe and stable home, with a particular focus on the 14% of Georgians who live in poverty. These reforms will include legal protections for tenants and incentives for landlords to keep existing properties safe and invest in new construction.

GHHC members (facilitated by Georgia Appleseed) will collaborate and achieve the following goals:

  1. Generate state legal reforms that require safe living standards for all Georgians.
  2. Incentivize landlords through tax credits and direct funding to provide safe housing.
  3. Empower and inspire local housing advocates in every geographic region in Georgia to lead housing reform efforts in their communities.
  4. Educate and equip local government officials, policymakers, and community leaders to identify and address necessary housing reforms in their communities.
  5. Develop tools to measure the number of children and adults living in unsafe housing and track Georgia’s progress by 2033.
  6. Secure the funding needed to achieve the 10-year plan.

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