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Elder Care

Caring for Georgia's Unbefriended Elders: An Update: Survey Results

April 2017- an update on our 2010 report.

Caring for Georgia's Unbefriended Elders

This report explores implementation issues arising out of a 2010 state law that provides legal protections for older Georgians who have not executed a valid end-of life directive and who become incompetent to give informed consent to health care providers.

Making Medical Decisions for Patients without Surrogates

An article published by the New England Journal of Medicine on November, 21 2013, and written by Thaddeus Mason Pope, J.D., Ph.D.

The article examines the problems and challenges of decision making for people who are decisionally incapacitated and without a health care surrogate. Georgia Appleseed's report Caring for Georgia's Unbefriended Elders-- Views from the Probate Bench was utilized as a reference for the article

Election Protection

Resolving Recurring Election Administration Problems in Georgia

This report identifies major recurring election problems that could interfere with the ability of eligible Georgia voters to cast a ballot during the November 2012 elections and offers suggested solutions to these problems. It sets forth practical steps that can be implemented within the existing legal framework in Georgia.

2020 How to Vote Guide

With an important election coming up, Georgia Appleseed pro bono volunteers put together this 2020 voter guide. The guide includes information about voter rights, instructions about registering and voting, and dozens of links to help people find the information they need to successfully vote this November.

School Discipline

Student Tribunals: An Assessment of the Disciplinary Process in Georgia Public Schools (2019 Update)

This report examines the 'due process' rights of students facing an out-of-school suspension tribunal and recommends systemic changes to better ensure school discipline is just and fair.

Representing Students in School Tribunals in Georgia Attorney Training Manual, Second Edition

The Young Professionals Council (YPC) of Georgia Appleseed has released this resource for attorneys to represent students in disciplinary tribunals.

Effective Student Discipline: Keeping Kids in Class: An Assessment of Georgia's Public School Disciplinary Policies, Practices and Outcomes

This project provides a comprehensive, objective assessment of public school student discipline in Georgia, and seeks to identify any changes that would benefit all of Georgia's students.

(Texas) Breaking Schools' Rules: A Statewide Study of How School Discipline Relates to Students' Success and Juvenile Justice Involvement

This report describes the results of an analysis of millions of school and juvenile justice records in Texas.

When My Child is Disciplined at School: A Guide for Families

Georgia Appleseed offers this guidebook as a tool to help parents and guardians throughout our state to become informed advocates both for their children and for fair, equitably applied school discipline policies.

Cuando Mi Hijo Es Disciplinado en la Escuela

Georgia Appleseed ofrece este guía como un recurso para ayudar a los padres y tutores en todo el estado para convertirse en defensores informados para sus hijos y para la aplicación justa de políticas de disciplina en la escuela.
A Spanish-language version of our popular Guide

When My Child Is Disciplined at School Supplement:
Georgia's Anti-Bullying Law: What Parents Need to Know

Bullying is illegal and can result in suspension from school. This guide helps parents understand what the law says and what your child's rights are if accused of bullying.

Other Advocacy Tools to Support Children

Getting Kids the Care They Need: PeachCare and Medicaid Appeals Manual for Attorneys

Many of Georgia’s families rely on Medicaid and PeachCare to access behavioral health supports and services that help their children thrive. When Medicaid or PeachCare deny a claim for services, the overly complicated appeals process prevents many families and caregivers from appealing. As a result, their children don’t get the physical and mental health services they need. Georgia Appleseed’s Getting Kids the Care They Need: PeachCare and Medicaid Appeals Manual for Attorneys guides advocates in clear, straightforward language through the steps to file a successful appeal.

Help Guides for Children with Behavior and Learning Challenges

These Help Guides are for parents and caregivers, but teachers, advocates, and others concerned about school children with behavior or learning challenges may find them helpful as well. These guides work together as a single document or as separate information sheets. Now available in Spanish and Korean.

The Same Starting Line: How School Boards Can Erase the Opportunity Gap Between Poor and Middle-Class Children

This publications focuses on ensuring children have the learning-related resources to succeed academically. Includes a study on educational resource disparity in districts in five states, including Georgia. Includes a measurement tool, the Basic Resource Equity Assessment Document (READ), to ascertain the distribution of resources within districts.
Basic READ · Detailed READ · Side-by-Side READ

It Takes a Parent: Transforming Education in the Wake of the No Child Left Behind Act

This report documents an effort to combine practical, on-the-ground perspectives, based upon interviews, and on federal, state, and district policy research, with current social science research on key parental involvement issues and effective practices. Mostly, it reflects an effort to assemble and analyze what we know as a matter of practice and as a matter of research in framing an action agenda promoting more effective parental involvement practices by schools, districts, and states. Powerpoint Presentation

It Takes a Parent: Additional Resources

No Child Left Behind: Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice Outlines Real Solutions for Parental Involvement in Illinois

Georgia Appleseed Education Forum Notes: Parent Involvement under No Child Left Behind, September 2007

“Attainable Goals? The Spirit and the Letter of the No Child Left Behind Act on Parental Involvement” by Dr. Joyce Epstein

Heirs Property

Unlocking Heir Property Ownership: Assessing the Impact on Low and Mid-Income Georgians and Their Communities
This report examines the impact of heir property on Georgia communities, presents findings from thousands of hours of pro bono tax database research, and makes the case for establishing an independent heir property legal clinic.

Heirs Property Attorney Manual (2016 edition)
The Young Professionals Council (YPC)'s of Georgia Appleseed has released Heir Property in Georgia Attorney Training Manual, the education manual for non-real estate attorneys.

Heir Property in Georgia (Second Edition)
The Young Professionals Council (YPC) of Georgia Appleseed is proud to release its new handbook, Heir Property in Georgia (Second Edition). Produced by YPC in conjunction with the UGA School of Law Cousins Public Interest Fellowship, the manual provides a concise overview of issues affecting heir property owners in Georgia.

Rooted and Grounded: A Georgia Legal Handbook For Small Farmers and Their Land
This handbook is an introduction to actions you can adopt to protect your business, property and family for future generations.

Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Presentation
This informative presentation was developed by Georgia Appleseed to appeal to a variety of audiences. It includes information about the issue of heir property and explains the new Uniform Partitions of Heirs Property Act.

Justice System

Embracing Common Wisdom: The New Juvenile Code in Georgia

Assessing the impact and success of Georgia's new juvenile code.

Common Wisdom: Making the Case for a New Georgia Juvenile Code

As part of JUSTGeorgia's goal to realize a new Juvenile Code and improve related social service systems, Georgia Appleseed gathered and published the "common wisdom" of more than 300 Georgians throughout the state who shared their opinions about what works and what does not within our current juvenile code.

Finding the Path to Equal Justice: A Handbook for Adult Defendants with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families

Justice for People with Mental Illness in Georgia: A Report on Conversations with Leaders in the Field

This report was prepared with the pro bono assistance of King & Spalding, prompted this response that was delivered to lead pro bono attorney Diane M. Janulis:

"I am a parent of an adult child that has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. For years my wife and I have voiced our concern with the lack of mental health care in Georgia and the rest of our country. We haven't given up, and we won't because of efforts like yours and your fellow attorneys at King and Spalding. I read through the report and applaud the findings. They are succinct and simply make a lot of sense. I will pass it along to members of NAMI . . . for them to refer to as they speak to influential leaders in our community."

Children in Care

Fostering Educational Success: Improving Academic Stability and Attainment for Georgia’s Children in Care

A Georgia Foster Parent’s Rights and Benefits

All About You... A Georgia Foster Child’s Rights and Benefits

Race, Law Enforcement, and The Law

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Full Report

Full Report


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Community Meeting Guide

Community Meeting Guide