Helpful Resources

Voter registration status, polling locations, provisional ballot status, and much more can be found at:
 • Please note: the MVP portal is sometimes inaccurate and stops updating the Sunday before an election.

Who can I reach out to if I encounter a problem while voting?
 • Georgia Voter Protection Line 1-888-730-5816 or the Election Protection Hotlines identified on page 5.

How do I find my county's registrar office?

What are the I.D. requirements?

What if I have a criminal record or am in jail or prison?

What if I am overseas or a uniformed services member?

How do I get an absentee ballot or vote early? (Disponible en espanol), and

THANK YOU to the organizations noted above and others that strive to protect our democracy and our right to vote. Thank you, also, to the Georgia Appleseed pro bono volunteers who worked on this guide.