Common Election Day Issues

What happens if the voting location closes while I'm still in line?

Keep your place in line. You are entitled to vote using a regular ballot if you were in line by the time the voting location closes. Call the following Election Protection Hotline if you run into problems or have questions on election day. You can reach the hotline at:

What if I'm not on the registered voter list?

Ask the election worker to double check the list of registered voters. Sometimes names are misspelled, first and middle names are out of order, or hyphens or spaces are missing.

If your name isn't on the registered voter list, ask the election worker to check the supplemental list of voters. If your name cannot be found on either list, then ask to vote with a provisional ballot under O.C.G.A. 21-2-418(a)-(b). There is more information about provisional ballots below.

How do I vote using a provisional ballot?

A provisional ballot is just like a regular ballot except that your vote will only be counted if the registrar can verify your credentials within the 3 days after the election. The polling place should have a notice explaining your rights when using a provisional ballot, so ask the election worker to show you that notice.

To make sure your provisional ballot is counted take the following steps:

  • Submit an acceptable form of I.D. or any other required information to your county's registrar office immediately,
  • Check your provisional ballot status using the MVP Log In, and
  • Call your county's registrar office to make sure they received everything and that your ballot was counted.

What if I go to the wrong polling place?

You may vote with a provisional ballot if you properly registered to vote and are still in your county, according to O.C.G.A. 21-2-418(a). Otherwise, you will need to go to your voting location. It's not uncommon for voter registration lists to show an incorrect address, even if you didn't move or you notified the county that you moved. If this is the case, insist on casting a provisional ballot, and then follow up with your county's registrar immediately to make sure the mistake is fixed and your ballot is counted.

What happens if my voting machine doesn’t work?

Tell the election worker. If the problem continues, then you should ask to vote with a paper ballot.