When My Child is Disciplined

When My Child is Disciplined

Tools for parents, lawyers and others on how to respond to out-of-school suspension and other student disciplinary action:

When My Child is Disciplined at School: A Guide for Families

This guidebook is a tool to help Georgia parents and guardians be informed advocates for their children.

Cuando Mi Hijo Es Disciplinado en la Escuela

A Spanish-language version of our popular Guide

When My Child Is Disciplined at School Supplement:
Georgia's Anti-Bullying Law: What Parents Need to Know

Bullying is illegal and can result in suspension from school. This guide helps parents understand what the law says and what your child's rights are if accused of bullying.

Student Tribunal Response: A Parent/Family Guide
A guide for timely family response to the student tribunal and appeals process.

YPC created a manual and accompanying CLE to train and support pro bono lawyers representing public school students facing an out-of-school suspension disciplinary hearing (tribunal). Watch the 2013 CLEpodcast here.

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