Savannah: Cuyler-Brownsville Neighborhood

Savannah: Cuyler-Brownsville Neighborhood [past initiative]

Georgia Appleseed, a sub-grantee of Atlanta Legal Aid funding, works on community revitalization efforts in a specific area in Savannah, GA called Cuyler-Brownsville. Cuyler-Brownsville is a historic African-American neighborhood, developed shortly after the Civil War. This project focuses on developing community engagement to move the needle forward on this neighborhood's economic stability. An attorney local to Savannah, Chris Middleton, is the lead contractor for this project.

Attorney Middleton works with the neighborhood association and draws from local talent found in Savannah-area businesses and non-profits, community leaders and politicians, and local institutions such as Savannah State College. The goal is to identify issues arising out of the mortgage foreclosure crisis and help the community to redress those issues. Such help will include educational presentations by the Georgia Heirs Property Law Center as well as drawing in local pro bono resources as requested by neighborhood residents.