Race, Law Enforcement, & The Law

Race, Law Enforcement and The Law

Report Update: Summer 2020

Georgia Appleseed is working with pro bono partners to revisit and update our 2016 policy recommendations to end over-policing and the excessive use of force by police against Black Georgians. The project and resulting recommendations are outlined in the documents on this page.

We will publish updates as soon as they are available. Unfortunately, most of these recommendations were not adopted at the state or local levels in Georgia when initially published. We hope our updated recommendations will support current efforts led by people of color to fundamentally change Georgia law enforcement so that it serves and supports all Georgians.

History of the Project

In the Spring of 2015, Georgia Appleseed began a process designed to seek the views of Georgia community members from all walks of life to help in assessing the nature of police-community relations in our state and to seek recommendations for changes to law, policies and practices that could improve or enhance them.

Responding to highly publicized lethal encounters between law enforcement and community members, Georgia Appleseed brought to this effort:

  • A firm commitment to objective, data driven research and assessment;
  • A deep respect for the extraordinarily difficult, important and oftentimes dangerous service that law enforcement personnel provide to our society; and
  • An abiding belief that all of Georgia’s citizens must be afforded the rights to which they are entitled under the federal and state constitutions.
The long term goal of this project is “to increase public confidence and trust in the fairness of police interactions with community members and of prosecutorial charging decisions without regard to race or ethnicity.”

Additionally, The Atlanta Lawyer published an article on the the Equal Justice in Law Enforcement initiative. Read the article here.

Georgia Appleseed thanks the following funders for their support of this Georgia Appleseed project: Atlanta Bar Foundation/Atlanta Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service; The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta’s Civic Engagement Fund; and the Georgia Bar Foundation.