All In! : Improving Lives, Schools, Communities & Society

Education climate improvement for public schools and early childcare.

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All In! is a “grassroots to grass tops” campaign that engages all members of a school community, including those found outside the school’s walls, to support efforts to improve school climate. Everybody in a community wins when local schools improve and children get the education that they need.

Schools and school districts can use All In! campaign materials directly or as inspiration in their efforts to nurture healthy school climates. All In! materials encourage the entire community to support healthy school climates, including students, parents, guardians, teachers, school staff, school administration, local neighborhoods, faith communities, and business communities. Engaged communities support school climates that produce the successful students who become the productive, engaged citizens that shape the economic and social health of their surrounding communities.

What is Education Climate?

Education Climate (or School Climate) refers to the overall quality and character of school life for students and teachers. In other words, school climate is how students and teachers experience the school, and what impact that experience has on a student’s education. Assessing a school’s climate is to ask whether the school’s culture, classroom instruction, school discipline, and even the condition of the school building, promote a positive learning experience.

Positive Education Climates are proven to improve academic performance, attendance, social emotional learning, and life skills of children and youth. These healthy climates increase teacher retention, lower dropout rates, decrease incidences of violence and increase student achievement in learning and improve interpersonal relationship skills.

A vision for Georgia's schools...

The All In! Campaign promotes

The Georgia Department of Education is All In!

Since 2008, the Georgia Department of Education promotes school climate efforts through training and ongoing technical assistance to over 600 Georgia schools in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

PBIS is an evidence-based, school-wide prevention framework that improves school climate and reduce disruptive behavior problems. PBIS schools adopt positive, preventative practices that include:

The results...

In Georgia's PBIS schools, suspension rates are in steady decline. These schools also report that office discipline referrals have dropped 30-60% in the first year of implementing PBIS.

The Georgia legislature also supports healthy school climates. In 2014, the legislature provided funding for School Climate Specialists to work with the Georgia Department of Education PBIS team to help districts and schools implement PBIS.