Bridges to Behavioral Wellness

Georgia Appleseed is committed to dismantling the school to prison pipeline and keeping kids in class. To do this, it is essential to ensure children with mental illness, autism, and other intense needs receive necessary interventions and supports.

Georgia Appleseed's Bridges to Behavioral Wellness Project is working to improve these systems of care. It is also working to help families, educators, and advocates navigate these complex systems and advocate for improvements where there are gaps and barriers.

The Bridges to Behavioral Wellness Project recognizes that there are many different bridges that can lead to a child's behavioral wellness. There are also bridges that Georgia Appleseed can work with its partners to build to help families, school systems, and advocates receive necessary supports.

As part of this effort, Georgia Appleseed is working with pro bono attorneys and other advocates to create Behavioral Wellness and Advocacy Guides. Georgia Appleseed will also be working with local school climate committees that are required in each county across the state to improve children's behavioral health services and to integrate these services with PBIS. Georgia Appleseed will be hosting regional forums across the state to highlight best practices and engage local communities in conversations and advocacy to improve these systems and ensure children receive the supports they need.

Georgia is at a critical time to increase and improve its systems of care for children with behavior related impairments for the following reasons: