Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline:

All of Georgia’s children should earn a high quality high school education so that they are ready for college or career. These initiatives focus on efforts to reduce reliance on exclusionary disciplinary techniques so that we “keeps kids in class” while maintaining a safe and productive learning environment for all students.

Bridges to Behavioral Wellness

Georgia Appleseed is working to help families, educators, and advocates navigate the complex systems of behavioral interventions and supports for children with mental illness, autism, and other intense needs, and to advocate for improvements where there are barriers and gaps.

Georgia Education Climate Coalition (GECC)

Co-founded by Georgia Appleseed, GECC and the "All In!" public involvement campaign were created to support PBIS and positive education climate throughout Georgia.

Effective Student Discipline: Keeping Kids in Class

Using Georgia Department of Education (DOE) data acquired pursuant to a confidentiality agreement and the results of an extensive stakeholder interview process, Georgia Appleseed informs local communities about student discipline outcomes and their impact on the school to prison pipeline.

Productive Learning Environments

Georgia Appleseed is advocating for expanded use of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school climate change framework as an effective alternative to exclusionary discipline.

Keeping Kids in Class Toolkit

This handy Toolkit located on the Georgia Appleseed website is brimming with information, data and ideas to help parents, local community leaders, and others committed to student success to work together with principals and teachers to help achieve this goal.

Student Tribunal Project/Foster Child Representation

This project assesses the fairness of the administrative hearing (“Tribunal”) used when students and their parents seek review of proposed school discipline involving out of school suspensions of greater than 10 days.

Innovative Alternatives to Exclusionary Student Discipline

This project evaluates options for innovative alternatives and the resources needed to implement them in Georgia K-12 public schools. Some Georgia public schools have already adopted alternative discipline practices, offering promising models that keep kids in class and help transform the school-to-prison pipeline into a path from school-to-success.

Economic Security through Community Revitalization:

Savannah: Cuyler-Brownsville Neighborhood

Focused on reversing the impact of home foreclosures on community life, this project incorporates Georgia Appleseed's work in dismantling the school to prison pipeline, community policing and juvenile justice initiatives, while also bringing the home defense, heirs property, and community education expertise of project partners to the table for the benefit of the 4,000+ residents of Savannah's oldest African-American neighborhood.

Georgia Healthy Housing Project

Launched in January 2018, the Georgia Healthy Housing Project aims to explore how rental housing laws might better match health and safety laws already in effect.

Georgia Heirs Property Project

Georgia Heirs Property Law Center

Georgia Appleseed seeks to incubate a legal clinic (that will ultimately be independent) to provide low and moderate income families, including many seniors, with legal assistance to resolve heir property and related issues.

Public Safety to Strengthen Communities:

Race, Law Enforcement & the Law

This initiative seeks to assure public confidence and trust among law enforcement personnel and all members of the communities they serve. Recent highly publicized tragic encounters
around the country and in Georgia resulting in the deaths of primarily minority community members motivated us to identify law and policy changes that will reduce the likelihood that such incidents will occur in the future and that will assure that the criminal investigation and charging decisions following any incidents that do occur are carried out in a fair and impartial manner.