Dr. Garry McGiboney and the PBIS Team of Georgia

Meet 2019 Good Apple Honorees: Dr. Garry McGiboney and the PBIS Team of Georgia

If someone asked you to tell them about your experience in school, what would you think about first? Most likely it wouldn’t be about math or history but something more visceral.

“Seldom will an adult recall courses or class schedules,” writes 2019 Good Apple honoree Dr. Garry McGiboney in the introduction of his book The Psychology of School Climate, “but they will recall the condition of the school, how many friends they had or did not have, the smell of the school, how they felt walking into the school, the interactions between students and the attitude of the teachers and other staff members, and whether they felt connected with anyone at the school. Those retrievals from memory are school climate-based. That is how profound school climate is on the formation of personality and motivation, and, thus, academic and social emotional outcomes.”

Dr. McGiboney currently serves as the Deputy State Superintendent for External Affairs and Policy at the Georgia Department of Education. He worked in elementary, middle, high school, and alternative schools and in district administration before joining the Georgia Department of Education. Dr. McGiboney has a Ph.D. in both school psychology and administration from Georgia State University. Dr. McGiboney was appointed by the Governor of Georgia to serve on the Joint Study Committee on Mental Health Access. He also serves by appointment on the Georgia Supreme Court’s Justice for Children Committee; the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative Steering Committee of the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform; the Georgia Accrediting Commission; and he is Chair of the Executive Steering Committee of a multi-million dollar National Institute of Justice grant.

On April 24, 2019, Dr. McGiboney is accepting a Good Apple award on behalf of the entire Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Team of Georgia.

According to the Georgia Department of Education, PBIS utilizes a problem‐solving approach that improves the entire school climate by using data to identify the reasons negative behaviors are occurring and implementing changes and interventions that address those reasons. PBIS is a preventative and proactive framework of addressing inappropriate behavior through fair and consistent discipline practices. Over half of Georgia Schools have been trained in PBIS and Georgia is now among the top 5 in all states in the number of schools trained in school-wide PBIS. As the number of PBIS schools has increased, the number of students receiving out of school suspensions has decreased and statewide graduation rates have increased.

PBIS is a critical tool that Georgia Appleseed supports to improve school climate and keep our children safe and thriving in school. Join us at the 2019 Good Apple awards to honor the work of Dr. McGiboney and the PBIS Team of Georgia.